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Jimmy Wang, CEO


Jimmy X. Wang is the owner and CEO of MTC Industries, Inc. He founded MTC in 1994 as a senior chemist.  He obtained a BS in Chemistry from Nanjing Normal University and MS & Ph.D. in Chemistry from Polytechnic Engineering School at NYU.  After graduating, he joined DuPont Pharmaceuticals as a senior chemist and formulator and developed many successful projects. His expertise includes

  1. Formulation, analytical method validation, animal & human clinical protocol design, and GMP facility QC & QA

  2. FDA compliance for NDI, GRAS, DMF, IND, ANDA, NDA regulatory affairs and GMP facility inspection and pre-audit

  3. Solid & liquid dosage form development of specialty drug delivery system in the SEDDS technology field of formulation/process design, development, scale-up, optimization and process validation

  4. Managerial experience and leadership in QC/QA, R&D and manufacturing facility operations. 

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Larry Caruso
Sales Manager

Larry is a recent addition to the MTC sales team. He graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Health Kinesiology. His background in science and years of prior sales experience have helped make for a great fit. Larry's early success can be attributed to his devotion and care for his customers. He is determined to continue to build meaningful relationships and grow MTC's presence on the East Coast. 

Giancarlo Denegri
VP of Sales & Marketing

Giancarlo is a Sales Director who joined MTC in May 2008. Having graduated from NYIT for Marketing and Management, he started his career in the warehouse/production department and worked his way all the way up to sales. He has expanded and built MTC's distribution to many different countries in South America.

Tim McMahon
Sales Director

Tim is a Sales Director who joined MTC Industries in 2009 bringing with him 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industry. After graduating, he started his career working in the contract manufacturing industry in production before working his way into sales. Having worked mainly for contract manufacturers he then joined the raw material industry bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and a winning attitude.


John Nupieri
Sales Director

John is a Sales Director who joined the MTC team in 2011. He enjoys the challenges of meeting the needs of a diverse customer base and the opportunity to assist in MTC’s continued growth.  His background dealing with major accounts has allowed him to develop critical relationships with key decision makers while creating value for both parties.   John brings an extra dimension to boost the success of our customers, strategic suppliers and MTC.


Tyler Jones
Account Manager

Andrew is an Account Manager who joined MTC in 2018. He recently graduated from Michigan State University, majoring in Bio-Medical and Molecular Nutritional Sciences. He has a medical background and uses his knowledge of the health and wellness industry to present a deeper understanding of the product lines to his customers.