MTC can provide wide range of technical support in the field of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Supplement, Personal care products, etc. The service types cover product analysis, OEM, contracted research and new product development.

Powder Processing

MTC offers powder processing to engineer particles to perform in specific applications, including supplements, beverages, dairy, food, meal replacement drinks, capsules, tablets, stick packs, and pouches. 

MTC Solutions product development process combines current, cutting-edge technology with innovative techniques, such as granulation/agglomeration, layering and coating for a wide range of ingredients, particle sizes and bulk density. 

Process Capabilities:

(1) Particle Agglomeration

(2) High Shear Granulation

(3) Dry Granulation

(4) Micro Encapsulation

(5) Milling/Micronizing

(6) Triturations

Why Choose MTC for your powder processing needs?

Our global product management capabilities, in-stock product portfolio, quick turnaround and flexible manufacturing facility ensure superior value and responsiveness. Quality is assured with our in-house testing systems.

Industries we serve:

Food & Beverage, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Cereal and Bakery

Applications & Expertise: 

Infant Formula, Meal Replacement Bars, Cereal Fortification, Beverage Fortification, Hard Gelatin Capsules, Tablets, Confectionery

Liquid Processing

We offer water-soluble and oil-soluble formats available in Natural, Natural & Artificial, and Organic compliant options in liquid processing. 

Liquid processing are available in sweet, savory and dairy varieties for use in applications including baked goods, confectionery, beverages, protein drinks and OTC pharmaceuticals.

Popular liquid flavors:

Service Categories

​(1) Natural Product Manufacturing & Development

(2) Toxicology

(3) DNA testing

(4) Formulation development

(5) DMPK

(6) Analytical

(7) Safety Pharmacology

(8) Early Clinical Trial Management

(9) Regulatory Consulting

MTC Industries, Inc. is your contract research partner for innovation in food, nutrition, and health products. 

Backed by the MTC Industries long tradition of research and commitment to scientific excellence, the Biofortis R&D team executes all or part of your projects starting with the initial research documentation up to formalization of actual results. We offer you access to a highly qualified team of global experts dedicated to your needs and special cases:

Our Contract Research and Innovation Centers in North America offer a complete range of cutting-edge R&D services. We tailor our solutions to your specifications, helping you develop innovative processes to identify and detect contaminants, pathogens, adulterations, product authenticity, fraud and more. MTC Industries offers a full portfolio of contract research services to ensure the stability, quality and safety of your food products, from concept development to retail shelf.