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  • Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • Tablet Press Machine
  • Bottle Packaging Line
  • Bins & Blenders
  • Tablet Coating Machines
  • Fluid Bed Granulation Line 

Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

For dosing powder/granules in hard gelatin capsules. Suitable for size #00-05 capsules. Capacity varies based on machine, with a range of speeds from 200‑7500 capsules per minute.

High Speed Tablet Press Machines

High speed rotary tablet press machine can press various granule shape or powder into ordinary round tablet, irregular shape tablet, single/double sided lettered tablet etc. Capacity varies based on model, the following range from 21,000-69,7000 tablets / hr.

High Speed Bottle Packaging Line

Automatic high-speed bottle packaging line. Total capicity: 100-120 bottles/minute. The following equipment is included:

  • High Speed Bottle Unscrambler
  • High Speed Counting Machine
  • Desiccant Inserting Machine
  • Screw Capping Machine
  • Induction Sealing Machine
  • High Speed Labeling Machine
  • Intelligent Inkjet Printer
  • Automatic Sleeve Shrink Machine APT-2000

Bins & Blenders

Featuring high mixing volume and uniformity, PLC & human-machine automatic control interface and wash in place system. One machine can be equipped with various types of hoppers.

Machine type/Net Load:

  • HHD Type 2.5-50kg
  • HDD Type 100-500kg
  • HZD Type 200-1000kg
  • HGD Type 500-7500kg

Tablet Coating Machines

BG Type high efficiency tablet coating machine facilities hot air to penetrate the tablet core quickly and dries the binder on the tablet surface in a timely and uniform way. It guarantees tablets of different weight and shapes can achieve consistant turn-over frequency, flow velocity and tablet core frequency.

Type/Capacity (total weight of coated tablets)

  • BG-1-5-10 Type 0.5-10kg/batch
  • BG-150 Type 150kg/batch
  • BG-350 Type 350kg/batch
  • BG-650 Type 650kg/batch

Fluid Bed Granulation Line

Wet granulation line composed of high shear mixer and a fluid bed drier. Machine features a pot with larger diameter for more even granule formation. Clearence between the pot and impeller is controlled within 1.5mm to prevent material residue. With PLC control and anti-explosion system.

High Shear Mixer: 400L
Fluid Bed Drier: 80-200kg