About MTC Industries

Science is Our Foundation. Quality is Our Commitment.

Company History

MTC is a science and technology based Ingredients Company established in 1994. We focus on the distribution, research development and manufacturing of diverse natural, organic and niche ingredients. During the past 20 years, MTC has helped introduce a wide range of new ingredients in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetic industries. MTC has established a reputation for delivering quality products with a foundation in science.
We provide our customers with full services to satisfy any special demands. Because of our incredible quality assurance, full technical service, regulatory support, on-time delivery and competitive prices, our products have been well received by most reputable companies in the US. Currently we have more than 200 accounts worldwide with 90% top end user customers.

Quality Assurance

MTC is dedicated to providing quality products with a strong foundation in science. We have implemented quality control programs to meet FDA regulations and industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Manufacturer On-Site Audit

  • Qualified SIDI Documents

  • GMP Compliant Warehouse

  • MFG Origin Trace System

  • In-house Laboratory Testing

  • Third Party Testing

    1. SGS Lab​

    2. UL (formely Shuster Lab)

    3. NSF Lab

    4. Certified Laboratories, Inc.

    5. Eurofins Lab

    6. Anaheim Analytic Lab